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3 to 5 years / Full Day

The Preschool program at Harbor Child Care provides a supportive environment for all students. Our teacher-to-student ratio enables us to focus on the needs of each child within a carefully planned curriculum with clearly defined educational objectives.

teacher and pre-k

Every day is a learning adventure in our preschool classrooms where children are encouraged and taught to become independent thinkers.

  • Classrooms are designed to meet the needs of children ages 3 through 5 years old.
  • Activities are a balanced combination of child-initiated and teacher-directed.
  • Structured classroom design provides for a rich, learning-focused environment.
  • Curriculum adheres to New York Early Learning/Common Core Standards.
  • Daily teacher-to-child observations are recorded.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Yearly Child Assessment
  • Art/Music Program
  • Weekly family engagement activities
  • Daily Communication to families
  • Healthy well-balanced meals provided by Harbor

Harbor Child Care addresses all important areas of learning through play and focuses on challenging children appropriately through their developmental ages and stages. Educational programming becomes more structured and offers children an opportunity to maximize their ability to succeed.

The daily schedule provides a consistent structure to the day, allowing for the development of routines and rituals. However, it permits the flexibility and openness to follow children’s interest and address their needs. The curriculum encourages and supports a balance of free choice and teacher-guided activities and allows time for small and large group activities. Learning through play offers children hands-on experiences to develop problem-solving skills, social skills, and creative expression. Math, technology, science, and art components are strongly emphasized and incorporated throughout the day through fun, learning activities.


Preschool Block Schedule

(times vary per center)

Morning Routine

  • Greeting/quiet activities
  • Morning Message
  • Breakfast
  • Gym/Outside
  • Large Group
  • Small Group
  • Worktime
  • Lunch
  • Naptime

Afternoon Routine

Large Group

  • Snack
  • Outside/Gym
  • Storytime

Small Group

  • Worktime
  • Quiet activities

According to researchers: “Ninety percent of brain development happens during a child’s first five years.” The capacity and curiosity to learn are at their greatest when we are our youngest. Maximizing a child’s potential and instilling a desire to learn, grow and succeed is most effective in these early years. Finding the right balance between knowledge, enhancing creativity, inspiring curiosity, and instilling a desire for a lifetime of learning is the focus of all of the Harbor Child Care educational programs.

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