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mom holding up preschool-aged daughter

Children between the ages of three and five grow up fast, absorbing information like a sponge. At Harbor Child Care, our preschool program encourages these children to embrace independence in a supportive environment. This post provides some helpful tips for getting your child ready for preschool.

Encourage Self-expression

Preschoolers are at an age where they’re developing their language skills and creativity. Encourage them to express themselves through art, storytelling, and conversations about their day at preschool.

Emphasize Emotional Awareness

Talk to your preschooler about recognizing and managing their emotions. Help them understand that it’s okay to feel different emotions and how to express them appropriately.

Support Independence

Foster independence by letting your preschooler choose their clothes, pack their backpack and make simple choices. This boosts their confidence and prepares them for classroom routines.

Morning Predictability

Many preschoolers thrive on predictability. Consider doing something like creating a morning routine chart with visuals to help them know what to expect each day before school.

Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate your child’s achievements, whether making a new friend or completing a project. This positive reinforcement encourages their enthusiasm for learning.

Preschool Playdates

Consider organizing playdates with classmates to help your child become familiar with their peers.

Visit the Library

Regular trips to the library expose your preschooler to new books and stories, fostering a love for reading.

mom holding up preschool-aged daughter
preschoolers at desk with teacher
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