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two infants playing together

Although infants may not have a schedule filled with math, science, or English classes, Harbor Child Care structures their day with interactive activities and other learning opportunities. Learn more about how your infant could be spending their time with us.

The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos incorporates meaningful learning activities into daily routines and provides intentional support for their caregivers. Our curriculum is research-based and top-rated to support caregivers and families.

  • engages families as children make this transition from home to school,
  • supports caregivers as they build children’s foundation for school readiness
  • supports children from birth to 2 years old

The Creative Curriculum

Other Parts of Our Programs for Infants

Good Morning!

Our staff welcomes your child with open arms, providing infants with the comfort and support necessary to minimize the potential stress of leaving their parents for the day.


Our teachers are adept at recognizing and accommodating to an infant’s needs, providing nourishment while fostering a sense of trust. Mealtime offers infants a time to satiate their hunger and enables them to discover the wonders of taste, texture, and smell.

Regular Bodily Care

Diaper changes, dressing, and washing take place throughout the day, keeping your child clean and happy.


We all know what naptime is. But did you know that naps can aid in the healthy development of your child?

Small Group Time

Harbor Child Care provides infants with ample time to interact, explore, and engage with their caregivers and friends. Our supportive, safe environment helps your child learn skills that last a lifetime.

two infants playing together
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