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Tips to Help Your Child Eat Healthy

As children grow and develop it’s important to introduce them to healthy foods, including a variety of fruits and vegetables at a young age. Fresh produce provides the important nutrients – vitamins, fiber, and minerals – which are essential in brain development and strong bones and teeth. The more colorful fruits and veggies you add to your child’s meals, the healthier their growth and development will be.

Tips to Help Your Child Eat Healthy

  • Encourage your child to eat fruits and veggies by explaining to them the benefits of these foods. For example, they will have more energy, be smarter in school, and have “superpowers” of growing faster and becoming stronger.
  • Cook together to make it exciting to prepare a healthy meal.
  • Play “eat the rainbow” and make a contest by having your child fill their plate with as many different colorful vegetables as they can.
  • Explain to your child that soda is not good for a healthy body because it has a lot of sugar and artificial flavors.

Tips on How to Cut Your Child’s Sugar Intake

  • Beware that added sugar can be hidden in foods such as bread, breakfast cereals, canned soups, frozen dinners, and fast food.
  • Limit the amount of cookies, candy, and other sweet treats.
  • Avoid excess sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks.
  • Read labels to know how much sugar is in a particular food or drink.
  • When cooking, avoid using butter and margarine; choose vegetable oils instead.

At Harbor Child Care, we provide nutritional meals to ensure children get good sources of vitamins and nutrients. For more information about the meals we offer, visit Menu – Harbor Child Care or call us at (516) 493-9830.

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