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Dad reading to son

From day one, a child’s brain begins forming connections that build the foundation for learning. Literacy programs are essential for children as they grow and approach the stages of entering school as such programs will teach them vocabulary and how to listen, understand, and express themselves.

Dad reading to sonLiteracy development is crucial in a child’s life as it involves the process of them learning words, sounds, and language. Literacy development is the overall growth of children’s knowledge, which sets the foundation for doing well in school and socializing with others. The stages of literacy development can vary depending on the child’s comprehension levels. Still, literacy skills teach children to read confidently and encourage consistent growth in and out of the classroom. By understanding how important literacy development is and how to address each stage of development, parents and educators will be able to help set up the child for success.

Literacy programs teach children several things, including:

  • What letters look like and the sound of words
  • How words can rhyme
  • Numbers and how to count
  • Pictures of animals, objects, and other things

Parents can help with their child’s early literacy development by:

  • Talking with your child and emphasizing different letters and sounds when speaking will help your child understand that words can be broken down. Practicing this with your child can also encourage conversation.
  • Repeat mispronounced words with your child and correct pronunciation.
  • If your child asks a question, give them a chance to come up with an answer instead of just telling them the answer right away. For example, if your child asks, ‘What’s that in the box?’ you could say, ‘What do you think is in the box?’
  • Play rhyming games with your child to make it fun and easier for them to comprehend different words and meanings.

How Reading Helps with Early Literacy Development

Research shows that reading builds a child’s vocabulary and supports the development of cognitive skills in children to prepare them for success in school. Having access to a library or having a children’s book collection at home is a great way to help your child develop basic reading skills and expose your child to all the benefits of reading.

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Harbor Child Care Helps Children with Early Literacy Development

Harbor Child Care understands that the years of early child development are crucial to children’s well-being and overall lives in various ways. Harbor Child Care utilizes the Creative Curriculum Program, which is an early childhood educational approach that aligns with New York Common Core standards. All of our locations across Nassau County are open Monday through Friday every day of the year, with most centers starting at 6:45 a.m. and closing at 6:00 p.m. For more information, contact us at (516) 493-9830.

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