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Mother and small child with coat

For many working parents the process of dropping off or picking up their child can be stressful, but we have gathered some time tested tips to help this process go smoother.

Mother and small child with coat

Drop Off: Dropping of your child can often be challenging for parents since young children can be happy one morning, yet grumpy the next. The best thing you can do is stick to a very regular schedule once you enter the center. After placing all of the necessary items in your child’s cubby, make it clear it’s time for a quick goodbye hug. The longer you stay, the more they might fuss. Some parents even come up with a special “goodbye” handshake, again a subtle social cue to their child that they will be leaving soon.

For older children it sometimes helps if they can meet one of your co-workers (even if just online). That way, on a day when your child doesn’t want you to leave, you can say that you have to go help that person with a project. For many children the concept of work doesn’t mean anything to them, but having a “name and a face” to associate with can help to ease the fact that you need to leave.

Pick Up: Picking up your child should be an enjoyable part of the day for both of you. While there will be some days when your child does not want to leave, one of the best things you can do to help your child transition from the classroom is to take a moment, no matter how rushed you are, to get down to eye level and ask your child how their day was. This gives them a moment to reconnect with you and provide a subtle nudge that now is the time to stop playing and get ready to go home.

What also works well is to give your child a simple job to help with packing up (even if it’s just to put on their coat by themselves). This will serve as a quick distraction so you can gather up their belongings and ensure that nothing is left behind.

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