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children in field

An important aspect of early childhood education is the opportunity for children to participate in field trips. There are many reasons why these expeditions are so important to a child’s overall growth and development, and here we have shared a few.

Experience a new environment outside of the classroom:

For many young children, social interactions may be limited to their home and the classroom. Even a quick day trip to somewhere in the local area exposes children to new people and places, while broadening their curiosity and knowledge of what is around them.

children in field

Children love to explore and learn about new things:

A field trip is a perfect time for children to see and hear things they may not have yet experienced. Many adventures are specifically planned so that every sense is affected. For instance, a trip to a nature center can offer a chance to hear the birds, collect leaf specimens and learn about the outdoors, something that can’t be done as effectively in a classroom setting.

Cultivate a better understanding of social norms when traveling with others:

It’s always exciting for students to travel with their classmates. What they don’t realize is that they are also learning the importance of staying with their group, how to be polite, thank their hosts and even the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Learn more about what the surrounding area has to offer:

Nassau County offers a variety of community engagement. Our field trips are designed to educate our students about not just the area they live in, but the various groups and organizations that make up the fiber of our inclusive community.

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