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Parent-Teacher Partnership: Fostering a Collaborative Educational Journey

One of the most rewarding experiences is to expose your child to the joys and benefits of early childhood education. It’s an invaluable time when children quickly learn that they are part of a community, that they need to share with and care about others, and that there are social norms to follow for the benefit of all. These elements are only heightened when parents and teachers work closely in tandem to foster a child’s potential early on. For young children, this is a time of great exploration and when they start to develop a sense of self. When surrounded by people who care deeply for them both at home and in the classroom, it only serves to help them to thrive in every setting. Continue Reading


Do Infants Need a Curriculum?

Although infants may not have a schedule filled with math, science, or English classes, Harbor Child Care structures their day with interactive activities and other learning opportunities. Learn more about how your infant could be spending their time with us.

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Projects and Holidays Galore! How to keep track, keep up and enjoy them!

Here’s how to keep track, keep up and enjoy everything!

There’s no denying that the calendar is chock full of holidays and special celebrations. Acknowledging these are an important and fun part of early childhood education, but can sometimes add stress to working parents who already have a more than full schedule.
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The Impact of Field Trips on Child Development

An important aspect of early childhood education is the opportunity for children to participate in field trips. There are many reasons why these expeditions are so important to a child’s overall growth and development, and here we have shared a few. Continue Reading


Strengthening the Child/Parent Bond – How to Make Pick-ups and Drop Offs Go Smoother

For many working parents the process of dropping off or picking up their child can be stressful, but we have gathered some time tested tips to help this process go smoother. Continue Reading


Reading Recommendations for Soon-To-Be Kindergarteners

Starting kindergarten is a big step in your child’s life. It can be a significant adjustment for a child to make the transition from pre-kindergarten to kindergarten. In this post, we provide some of our favorite books you can read with your child to help them during this exciting time.

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Exploring Diversity: 5 Engaging Books for Your Child’s Library

Reading is associated with more benefits for early learners than we can count. This post focuses on some of the best children’s books that embrace diversity.

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Learning Through Experience: How Fun Trips & Visits Enhance Education

At Harbor Child Care, many of our early childhood education programs incorporate field trips and presentations from pillars of our community. These real-world interactions help children learn in new and fun ways, encouraging the development of new skills and mental growth.

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How Play-Based Learning Enhances Child Development

As we discussed in our previous post, Learning Through Play: Play-Based Education in Early Childhood, play-based learning helps children develop skills that last a lifetime. Learn more about how play-based learning helps prepare children to succeed in the 21st century.

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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Starting kindergarten is a big step for children, introducing them to new subjects, people, and life experiences. At Harbor Child Care, our pre-kindergarten program prepares your child for this exciting chapter in their life.

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